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Maj is no longer with us instead of changing her story we have decided to leave it in her memory. We Miss You!

My name is Majesty, Maj for short. My whole real name is Her Majesty’s Littlest Angel. Like I said, you can call me Maj. I’m suppose to tell you about myself and the others at my house, Daddy says other people call their place a kennel, but Daddy says, “ain’t no dogs at our house”, so we’re in a home. It’s pretty nice too. We all live in our own bedroom. It’s beginning to get crowded, but Daddy says, there’s enough room and as long as I don’t have to share a bed, or a plate, then I don’t care.

I was born a poor black child and was sold at an early age to my Daddy. (can you tell my dad likes the movie) “The Jerk”? Any who, My birthday is, April 4, 2000 , so you can count and see how old I am. I weigh about 5 pounds, 6 when I’m not interested in my figure. I prefer to be a full figure gal.

O.K. , here’s the stuff on me. When I was just becoming a woman, my Daddy decided I should have a boyfriend. I was suppose to go meet some boys in this thing called a show, I figured it was where pretty boys lined up and let me pick out which one I wanted. So my Daddy took me to my doctor and got me checked out real good and sent me to the beauty shop in the doctor’s office so I would look pretty for those pretty boys in the show tomorrow. Daddy showed up to get me that afternoon, and the worst thing had happened. The beauty shop lady had dropped me, and broke my hip. Needless to say, I wasn't looking too pretty the next day. They had to do surgery, and week after week passed and I never could walk on it. I developed such pain, my Daddy sent me to the University of Tennessee Vet School. They discovered my knee was broken too, so I had to have more surgery. That other ole doctor, was trying to tie my good leg up so I would have to walk on my bad leg. I kept trying to tell him there was something wrong. Any who, after it was all over with, I was able to walk. I have a slight limp still. My hair never came back where they did the surgery and I had to be fixed. So needless to say, I never got me that pretty boy, but know what? My Daddy still loves me best anyway. He said, “Maj, I’m going to get you some brothers and sisters and I’m going to name the House after you. You get to be the Queen.” And that’s where “Her Majesty’s Pomeranians” comes from.

We all live in the house. We have a big yard with a fence that we play in when it’s not wet. Daddy ain’t much into wet. If it’s wet, we have a screened-in porch to play on. At dark, we go in the den and play and watch T.V. We go to the shows and some of the others go out and walk around in circles and these people come around and watch. These people, called Gods, I mean Judges, come and touch them and stare at them and give out these stupid little ribbons to Daddy. They don’t give the kids nothing, and I think that’s not right.

Well, I’m tired of talking right now. I prefer playing and ruling my kingdom.

Feel free to look around and see the pictures of everybody. My baby pictures are really cute.

Oh by the way, these other girls have babies every once in a while. You know, being fixed ain’t so bad, the others seem to have no morals (you wouldn't believe what they call the girls in those shows. I know why they’re called “show girls” now.) If I can talk Daddy into it, he sells them to really nice people who can teach good morals and will give them good homes. Priests are preferred, but all can apply.

I hope you enjoy the website. If you have any questions for me, write me. I’ll write you back as soon as I get in from playing.

Her Majestys Pomeranians
Cleveland, TN 37312

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